Salem Sunrises

Friday was a rubbish day in many ways. Rubbish weather (after an unseasonable spell of blisteringly beautiful sun), rubbish people, rubbish work, rubbish commute (both ways). I wouldn’t have thought it judging from the striking sunrise for which I had to stop in the middle of work and snap a photo or two:

Maybe it’s good for balance. I am living in Salem, after all, where when one isn’t having their palms crossed with green to tell you that line on your hand means you’re going to marry a handsome dark stranger, they are preaching to you about balance in nature and blah blah Tom Brady effigies.

With that in mind, conversely, it makes sense that on a day like today, when I realized that I’ll have way more money than I thought to spend on vacation in England next week (because I forgot to factor in my paycheque I’m getting while I’m there), I wake up to a sinus-destroying, black and white and royal blue behemoth of a cloudy, pressure-laden “sun”rise (really – spot the sun):

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