No more American Hustle movie stars in Salem, MA

And so we are back to normal again. The trucks have gone (I never did manage to score some free food, but if the aforementioned anecdotal comment on Patch was anything to go by, maybe all that delicious bacon would have been lost on me).

While the many recurring stars of David O’Russell’s Abscam movie American Hustle have left us, it was still cool to see how unassuming a location shoot could be. I’d never really got this close to a shoot before, but everything was so laid-back and relaxed (the hippie overheard a crew member saying, “wow, I wish it were as easy to film in Boston [as it is here]”), that if it weren’t for the rigs, all those trucks and vans might have just looked as though someone with a penchant for ’70s clothing was moving into one of the properties on Federal St. Oh, and the costumed extras, I guess:











David O’Russell rushing over to the next building






There weren’t even any spectators until Wednesday, after word started to get out, and even then, it was only a small gathering of local residents that thinned out as the evening grew colder.

I’d rather not post the photos themselves, but here’s a few links from other eyewitnesses so that the original sources can be credited:

Bradley Cooper – Federal St Courthouse:

Jennifer Lawrence – arriving in Salem:

Set photos:

Set workers unloading prop modern art pieces (PEM’s photo):

They had been filming in Swampscott, Lynn (apparently the entire Newburyport/Rockport line), as well as Worcester and Boston. They may be done in Salem, but according to this OLV thread, they may be back, but most likely on the South Shore.


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