365 Days of Horror, Day 2: Suckablood (short) (2012)

suckablood short horror film 2012

This stylised, ultra-black short – about a demon who haunts thumbsucking children – has just the right amount of camp to notch it above generic fairytale level. There are some genuinely tense scares (think you’re safe under the covers?), nightmarish character design, and some gruesome SFX, all concocting a wickedly creepy little piece.

suckablood short horror film 2012

It’s too bad though, that Robin Berry‘s narration undoes a lot of that beautifully gothic atmosphere. While his voice is distinctive, the tone, accent and enunciation are over-affected, making the whole thing sound like an advert for a haunted house ride at Alton Towers. A ride I would probably go on, though. And the advert would probably still creep the hee-bejesus out of me.

suckablood short horror film 2012

If you’re still an adult thumbsucker, maybe you’d better sleep with the light on.

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