365 Days of Horror, Day 3: Tub (short) (2010)

tub short film 2010

So I just watched a short film in which a guy masturbates to Motown music and a newspaper clipping and then impregnates his bathtub. The less else you know, the much more rewarding and bizarre it is, but I’ll say that it genuinely does get far weirder from there on in.

tub short film 2010

Paul (Eric M. Levy, who is surprisingly sympathetic) is a paper-pushing, overstressed, undersexed schulb who can’t commit to his girlfriend Emily (Megan Raye Manzi). One night, he nudges her for sex, but she’s not interested. So he has a decent wank in it shower and goes back to bed.

tub short film 2010

The rest of this 12-minute short gets progressively disgusting and more bizarre. There are some jarringly freaky special effects, some of which awkwardly teeter over the line between quite scary and laughably gross. I’ve seen this listed under horror, but it’s more surreal sci-fi black comedy with a smattering of body horror. Honestly, that’s a lot of genre buttons to push into 12 minutes, and it shows.

I found myself grimacing more than laughing or watching through my fingers, but kudos to the soulful music choices, which actually complement the film in a tragi-comic way. Given the story’s compelling human elements, I think it would have worked well as a 30-minute piece, but maybe 12 minutes is enough to start some new bathroom kink on Reddit or something.

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