365 Days of Horror, Day 7: Scrambled (short) (2013)

scrambled horror short 2013

Know what’s really scary? An unseen force. Especially if it’s malevolent, violent, and hiding.

scrambled horror short 2013

Scrambled cleverly plays on that fear, thanks to some taut direction and camera work by Faisal Hashmi. In it; a young man accidentally injures himself and risks unleashing an evil entity that’s awoken by blood.

scrambled horror short 2013

Aside from some stilted acting early on and a hint of self-importance in the film’s trailer, these 10 or so minutes feel much shorter than they are. Music is a tad overused, and the final jump scare is blurry and inconclusive, but it’s a decent, shoestring budgeted first offering; and you’ll never again look at a throwaway, late-night injury.


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