365 Days of Horror, Day 10: Bedtime is at 10 (2015)


When you have a child as your protagonist, everything becomes much, much scarier. Because who’d want to see any harm come to an innocent kid?

Apparently, not the director of this short. Dimitri Salomao does a decent job of building up some tension, opening with a list of babysitting rules  (including the 10pm bedtime), and some spooky wide shots of the little tyke watching cartoons in her cavernous living room.


But it starts to crack once we get teases of the entity stalking her. It’s essentially a guy shuffling around in a giant sheet, shown to us mostly through hidden camera footage (presumably to hide the low-budgetness of this demon) and relying heavily on a voice modulator they becomes a bit of an awkward sing-song by the end.


At just over 5 minutes, this film manages to find time to completely switch protagonists to the young babysitter, who I was hoping to get offed so I wouldn’t have to suffer her painfully amateur line delivery.

Even after a limp jump scare, none of it comes together. It was a bit like watching a stretched-out Vine of a prank shared among friends as in-joke: great in the eyes of everyone involved, but dull and not even a little inspired to anyone else.


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