365 Days of Horror, Day 11: Gakko no Kaidan G / Katasumi (in a Corner) (short) (1998)

I’ve yet to see the Ju-on movies, so this prequel short is less impactful for me (or perhaps as impactful as it was to viewers upon its pre-Ju-on release. But in less than three minutes, there’s a hell of a lot going on in Takashi Shimizu‘s film. Schoolgirls taking care of rabbits! A wandering ghost of a woman who was murdered by her abusive husband! OK, I guess that’s it. But it’s still a lot. There are some lovely touches of detail here and there (the ghost’s croaky voice is due to the fact that she was choked to death), and although the acting is a little off in the face, this is worth watching for the simple but effective jump scare at the end.


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