365 Days of Horror, Day 15: Don’t Move (short) (2013)

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 22.48.37

This gory little shocker had a decent demon design and some bloody good scares, but throughout I could not fucking hear what the hell anybody was saying. The screaming was loud enough, but someone must have literally dropped the boom mic because all I could make out was the odd whisper here and there.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 23.35.56

It didn’t matter anyway, because the story was simple enough to follow, right from the opening shot: a dizzying series of spirals and fadeouts over a bloodied ouija board. Six young friends are standing still in various unnatural poses while a demon picks off the wobbly ones. It soon becomes obvious, even without audible dialogue, that anyone who moves gets brutally eviscerated, impaled or has their face split by this smoky, noseless, eyeless spectre.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 23.35.23

Two of the leads (Rachel Bright and Jake Hendriks) are competent enough; the rest pretty much only have “shriek and flail wildly” as their dialogue. Veteran monster actor (Game of Thrones, Prometheus, Alien vs. Predator) Ian Whyte cuts a terrifying figure as the party-crashing demon  – although to be fair, I guess they rudely awakened him with a Ouija board (which I imagine to be the spiritual equivalent of ringing someone’s doorbell to accept a delivery while they finally, finally went for a quick piss).

I’d love to see more by this production team, and if they can make something this impressive on a mere £3,000 Kickstarter budget, I’d like to see what else they can freshly spin out of what could have been a pretty by-the-numbers slice of horror trope.

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