365 Days of Horror, Day 22: Lot 254 (short) (2012)

LOT 254 short film

This decent, beautifully-lit, quaintly-shot short preys on that clichéd creepiness of working alone in a dark room with your back turned. It also extracts the frightening confusion when the world around you breaks the rules – you look through a dusty old camera and see things – scary things – that aren’t there if you don’t look through said camera (still keeping your back turned and narrowing your field of vision).

For those reasons, it’s an effectively unnerving short – at least until the predictable jump scare. The phantom design is a bit poor (just a dude in smeary , marionette-style makeup), and the accompanying shriek is lame. It’s two minutes or so of OK music, tense build-up and then a bit of a let-down that gives way to a whole minute and a half of credits. Meh.


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