365 Days of Horror, Day 24: Porcelain Rising (short) (2013)

porcelain rising short 2013

[I swear I am watching these every day; I’ve just not been writing them up every day. Londoners…drink a lot.]

This 6-minute short about a possessed porcelain doll makes up for its lack of scares and dread with pointlessly OTT violence. Hey, if in doubt, have a kid brutally murdered on screen and all is scary, right? No need to build any atmosphere or have any credible acting.Well, too bad, because I didn’t care about what happened to this kid. Maybe that’s the real horror?

The doll itself is creepy-looking as hell, but still painfully cheap-looking. While it’s nicely-shot, the music is dull and the story predictable – nothing really moved this short forward. It made me realise how much work went into the seemingly ‘meh’ Conjuring movies to make Annabelle the doll seem menacing.


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