365 Days of Horror, Day 39: The Green Ruby Pumpkin (short) (2012)

the green ruby pumpkin 2012 short

This magical, less-than-three-minute short makes me want it to be Hallowe’en every day. The sumptuous costumes, fantastic makeup, real sets and lack of VFX give it a charming old-school vibe. And that it was made on a nothing of a budget makes it all the more impressive.

The story is fairytale-style, about an enchanted green pumpkin and its owner, and the trick-or-treaters who cross its path on Hallowe’en night. My only nag is that the rhyming couplet narration sounds stilted and over-constructed and that, paired with the near-artificial sheen of the film’s frame rate, makes the short look like a Hallowe’en commercial for Iceland or ASDA. Still, don’t let that detract from such an expertly, meticulously-made spooky short.


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