365 Days of Horror, Day 44: ???

I’d like to take this post to point out how shitty Chrome’s History function is. It just can’t be bothered to list everything you’ve ever been to on said day, and instead just skips large chunks. I know for a fact I definitely watched something on this day (December 14), but I cannot figure out what it was. Just no clue.

Also crap are YouTube’s Viewing History and my ability to type up these things the day I actually watch them, as well as my own crappy record-keeping skills. All of these things add up to me not remembering what the hell I watched. Let’s hope there’s less of these.

I was out until around 3am (what kind of idiot does that on a Monday night?), but I’m pretty sure I half-assedly watched something before collapsing into bed with my makeup still on.


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