31 Days of Hallowe’en 2017, Day 7: Let Us Prey [2014]


source: Horror Freak News

I’m not quite sure what this film wanted to be. An Irish/Scottish co-production, the heavily-stylised shots of flying ravens majestically flapping their wings in slow-mo to a chugging ’90s metal backing track gave off the air of a movie that’s already trying to hard to be American.

let us prey horror movie pollyanna mcintosh

Pollyanna McIntosh is implausible as a rookie cop (Heggie) assigned to a remote village in the Highlands of Scotland. On her way to the station, she arrests a kid called Caesar (Brian Vernel)  for hitting a pedestrian with his car, but the victim (Liam Cunningham) appears to have vanished. Her commanding officer MacReady (Douglas Russell) introduces himself and books Caesar with a spectacular testicle punch that causes him to puke on Heggie’s shoes. No sooner does Heggie clean the chunks off her boots with the station’s surprisingly present shoe-buffer does said victim turn up. Unsurprisingly, things get weirder from here.

let us prey horror movie pollyanna mcintosh

Initially mute, Six demonstrates he’s not your average traffic collision victim, using the officers’ and prisoners’ flashbacks to manipulate them into revealing their darkest secrets – with some brutal consequences.

let us prey horror movie pollyanna mcintosh

Events get bloodier, crazier and literally more fiery, until the story writes itself into a sequel-baiting corner at the expense of character-motivated actions. It’s great fun as a gore-fest, and is exquisitely lit and coloured; it just seems to take itself a bit too Matrix-seriously.


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