31 Days of Hallowe’en 2017, Day 12: In the Night [short] [2015]

I’ve been cheating with shorts lately, and heck if I’m not behind on the actual posts. But I decided to venture into bite-sized horror nuggets because my anxiety has been starting to get out of hand, and I’d been looking at some 4am snoozes (if I slept at all).

Much like I feel my life is as of late, In the Night is a slice of existence that passes the time, but doesn’t quite go anywhere. It could have been a two-man radio short, a student play, or something else that makes up a sentence with a third item for better reading flow.

It’s about a rookie delivery driver – for a mortuary – who gives us the impression that his first night is going to be anything but dead dull.

Only it kind of is, and any kooky tension that’s built up by accident is dimly defused by the time a long cut makes you realise this short is over.



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