31 Days of Hallowe’en 2017, Day 26: Juan of the Dead [2011]


source: Ain’t it Cool News

Newsflash, Rotten Tomatoes users: THIS IS NOT AN HOMAGE TO SHAUN OF THE DEAD. How can anyone have fully watched this zombie movie with an incredibly overt political message and think it’s not inspired by the Romero classic?

That said, this was OK. Stuffed full of unlikeable, selfish antiheroes navigating a meandering plot in a deliberately disgusting setting, this Cuban zom-com showed me a side of cinema I’ve embarrassingly never seen.

With that said, on balance…it’s probably not a film I’d watch again. There’s the novelty of sharing my name with one of the characters, but the overt sexism and homophobia in its jokes probably didn’t help this one thrive outside of its native Cuba. Many of the characters randomly do the Wiseau Shuffle off screen and the climax features an about-turn that’s somehow both implausible and predictable.



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