31 Days of Hallowe’en 2020, Day 12: Fingers [2019]

Fingers (2019) reviews and release news - MOVIES and MANIA

If a movie has the old man from The Greasy Strangler it’s going to be weird. He’s going to look weird, he’s going to play a weird character, he’s going to deliver his lines weirdly to someone probably even weirder than him (Jeremy Gardner who is actually really great in this but really needs to trim that fluffy moustache please just please). It’s going to be unforgettable, even if you hate it. And I can’t quite work out if I do, which is another sign that he’s in this movie.

The actor’s name is Michael St. Michaels. But the main character is Amanda (Sabina Freidman-Zeitz), who has a severe, debilitating mental condition that is triggered by people with body imperfections, which range from being very black and very short, to coming into work with one of your fingers cut off, like one of her subordinates at work.

Amanda tries to get therapy for this, and, well, who even cares, because this movie is fucking weird. Everyone has wandered in drunk from other movie sets and are saying things but aren’t communicating but also have a lot of feelings. It’s like The Big Lebowski but with an anxiety disorder.

Just watch it and be possibly pleasantly horrified by the journey. I don’t think this is a movie that needs explaining, because it would probably explode otherwise and take you with it.

Score: 🎃🎃🎃


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