31 Days of Hallowe’en, Days 22 and 23: Halloween 5 and Halloween 4 [in that order]

Halloween 4 & 5 DVD Region 1 US Import NTSC: Amazon.co.uk: Halloween 4 & 5:  DVD & Blu-ray

My friend and I decided to do a virtual drinking game around Halloween 5 and 4.


  • Every time the theme music appears
  • Every time someone complains about school (this never happened)
  • Anyone says ‘Hallowe’en’ or the word is shown on-screen
  • Anyone mistakes Michael’s mask for an actual Hallowe’en costume
  • There’s a jump scare
  • Anyone dies on-screen

I used soju for Halloween 5. I learnt to switch to beer for Halloween 4.

I hadn’t seen either of these before, but neither movie left any lasting impression other than the mystery of how they managed to get an awkward performance from Donald Pleasance. Neither of them has Laurie Strode. Every person in both movies (especially the hick town mob) seems to have gone to the same Day Player School of acting as the boat people from The Dark Knight Rises. All of the teens are awful characters wearing horrendous clothes and saying terrible lines, and the various remixes of the Halloween theme are so cringey they almost ruin its impact.

I’m currently reconsidering this friendship.

Combined score: 🎃🎃


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