31 Days of Hallowe’en 2021, Day 9: Lego Star Wars: Terrifying Tales [2021]

LEGO® Star Wars Terrifying Tales Coming October 1 | StarWars.com
source: starwars.com

I ended up picking a shorter movie for Saturday because, at 3:30 am (technically on Sunday morning), I ended up fully watching a movie I previously mislabelled as horror because a) it was actually really fucking good and b) it had such a strange, almost surreal, beautifully shot, calming nightmarish property to it that I persevered thinking it might have slow-burned its way into a horror movie. (The movie, in question, was the excellent Hungarian film Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time).

I wasn’t tired, but in the interest of finishing a movie before the night was really over (I consider it over at 6 am), I had to pick something quick – so LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Tales it was. Much like every other LEGO movie, it’s far better, funnier, and warmer than it needed to be (I was already giggling within the first 2 minutes).

It’s a 45-minute collection of 3 segments, so there’s never a chance for things to get stale and, given LEGO’s signature brand of ‘lovingly mock the source material’ humour (which I heckin LOVE), it’s short, sweet and stupid and over in a flash.

The segments are various dubious stories told to an unwilling audience by an obsolete Sith Lord who ‘came with’ the building that a cousin of Jabba the Hutt (who’s reluctant to name-drop) is turning into a ‘Dark Side’-themed hotel. Which is glorious. More so is that the stories, which revolve around ancient Sith artifacts (that are unearthed as we go along), have brilliantly overt references to existing horror movies, stories, and legends.

I’d say that this is ok for families, but somehow, SOMEHOW, a jump scare right before the third segment ACTUALLY SCARED ME. Me, a veteran of horror-watching, was spooked by a fucking LEGO Star Wars movie. I’m fine with it. Speaking of which, the overall message about fear, especially towards boys who might be watching, is pretty darn swell (none of that toxic ‘man up’ shit we’ve been fed for centuries).

Much spooky fun, something something LEGO pun about building family frights.

Score: 🎃🎃🎃


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