31 Days of Hallowe’en 2021, Day 15: The Trip [I Onde Dager] [2021]

After both Dead Snows and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, I decided that I 100% love Tommy Wirkola and all of the batshit stuff he’s ever going to direct. So when I hear he did a movie with Noomi Fucking Rapace, I considered myself 300% sold.

The Trip (2021) - IMDb
source: imdb

The Trip [I Onde Dager], Netflix’s latest horror drop, is really more of a black comedy/thriller, but with that horror slant of ultraviolent fun that you see in films like Why Don’t You Just Die! and, well, literally every other Wirkola film.

However, it must be said: CW for very, VERY strong and lasting threat of SA.

It’s ultimately played for very, very dark laughs but I wonder if the film could have done without it.

Lisa (Rapace) and Lars (Aksel Hennie) hate each other. But they’re going on a weekend trip to his dad’s cabin to unwind and, who knows, maybe reconnect? It might not go that smoothly based on Lisa’s complaining to her friends that Lars wants to go hunting (despite her warning him that it’d be dangerous) and Lars whinging to his mates that Lisa wants to go hiking (despite him warning her that it’d be dangerous).

They’re actually really plotting to kill each other, which is not an original but pretty cracking set-up, especially for this genre. Things take a turn, however, during an early gunfight in which the attic roof caves in – bringing down three escaped criminals who decide to choose violence.

What follows is some fairly unpredictable, very gruesome, impossibly bloody absolute fucking carnage, with some toilet humour (arg, my OCD hates this), signature Nordic deadpan comedy and even a genuinely sweet moment of two thrown in for good measure. Both leads do a good job of somehow making the murderous spouses somewhat likeable (bar that previously mentioned SA threat scene), and the overall film is nothing short of wildly entertaining. It’s not going to reinvent the wheel but, much like cabin gorefests Tucker and Dale vs Evil and The Cabin in the Woods, this is definitely something I’d recommend for Hallowe’en watch parties.

Score: 🎃🎃🎃🎃

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