31 Days of Hallowe’en 2021, Day 17: Hellarious [2019]

Another year, another anthology, only it wasn’t until nearing 5am and right near the end that I realised that this wasn’t a collection of short films new for the overall film as I’d already seen Death Metal years back.

Hellarious (2019) - IMDb
source: imdb

Meh, anyway, I found Hellarious on Prime and it started off strong with Killer Kart, which is exactly what it sounds like and is delightful B-movie trash with heart. Things start to slip a tad with the gross-out humour in Chupacabra, and Lunch Ladies goes on for far too long.

Because the shorts aren’t connected in any way, there’s a) no telling when this thing will end and b) there’s an air of unpredictability to them, because the self-contained nature of a short film allows for this.

That said, some of the shorts do drag, and opt more for comedy (especially the lowest of the low-brow) as the runtime proceeds. There is some redemption in the very last short, but you could collect a few of your own and just stream them from a playlist and you might get more entertaining results.

Score: 🎃🎃


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