365 Days of Horror, Day 13: The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula [BBC radio 4 play] [2016]


My friend (let’s say ‘ghoul friend’) introduced me to the world of horror radio with this aural gem. Adapted from an unproduced Hammer Horror screenplay, The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula finds our iconic bloodsucker in……1930s India.

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365 Days of Horror, Day 12: Lock Up [short] [2011]


Two years before fellow short Lights Out, there was another little horror preying on our fear of being alone in the dark. Ben Franklin’s eerie office slice Lock Up is a tense, fun 3 minutes, in which an everyman pencil-pusher realises that, under cover of mostly darkness, an empty office looks nightmarishly different.

Well-acted with some great makeup and some efficient editing, this is cautionary tale against all of you schlubs working late. Unless you get overtime or time off in lieu, don’t. They can’t make you!

Score: 🎃🎃🎃

365 Days of Horror, Day 11: Death Metal [short] [2016]


I can safely say I’ve seen and/or heard every type of human be slaughtered in this naughtily gruesome comedy short.

More enjoyable to me than the mildly similar Deathgasm, Chris McInroy‘s SFX-laden Death Metal is a devilish treat for gorehounds. An adult slacker and musician is gifted an impressive guitar (literally fashioned from an axe), a cursed-object heirloom that promises its wielder infinite death-metalling power.

Unfortunately, our protagonist is too excited to stick around to hear the 3 simple rules [don’t play in daylight, don’t use it for money, don’t play it like you’re wanking], and bolts down to the park to start some mid-afternoon busking. No sooner does he do said penis-strumming move, than the axe flies out of his hands and literally shreds everything in sight in a gloriously gruesome never-ending POV shot.

Memorable, and not just for metalheads. But the music’s not half-bad, either.

Score: 🎃🎃🎃🎃

365 Days of Horror, Day 10: The Exorcist, Season 1



This is a bit of a cheat, but I technically watched the last few episodes of season 1. I’d wondered how they were going to fill the last few episodes after Pazuzu had been banished from one of the girls, but we get hit with a right hook with Angela/Regan’s possession – much like Regan’s mom, who gets her neck fatally snapped before being tossed down the stairs.

I’d like to go on record as saying I hate the insult ‘stinkpot’, though. Pazuzu would have infinitely worse things to say.

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365 Days of Horror, Day 9: INTO THE DARK: THE MONSTERS AND NIGHTMARES OF HORROR ANIMATION [Lecture: The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies]


“You coming to the pub, Chainsaw Phil?”

“I can’t – I’m going to a horror talk on animation at The Horse Hospital.”

“Look, man, if you don’t want to join us, just say so.”

It’s my first full season as a proper pass-holder, and my third lecture of this year’s winter semester of the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. And not only was it on animation, but the venerable Robert Morgan (creator of the amazing The Cat With Hands), was there!

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365 Days of Horror, Day 7: Channel Zero: No-End House [2×01]

channel zero no-end house syfy

source: tvseriesfinale.com

I have waited for this. I was so excited. And the first episode of SyFy’s blindingly brilliant horror anthology series Channel Zero did not disappoint.

No-End House is the only Creepypasta I’ve ever read – I’ve not even read the famous ones like Slenderman or Jeff the Killer – but, much like Candle Cove before it, this expands on the source material in a faithful way, while reaching new heights of trippy, creepy production design.

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