365 Days of Horror, Day 30: No Through Road (short) (2009)


no through road short 2009 creepypastaSuch an impressive, thoroughly terrifying short, and this is spite of treading old water and that dreaded overdone format itself – found footage. But it does it so incredibly well.

Four teens are on their way home to Stevenage, Hertfordshire, driving down a winding country road. It’s 4am and at they’re being laddish arseholes, obnoxiously eating chocolate bars and filming pratting about on a phone. Coming across a dark, creepy tunnel and a looming, crimson sign saying “No Through Road”, and the pack of unlikeable twats decide to amble through it anyway.

What follows is a series of  well-worn series of clichés – a deserted road, a lone, masked figure, the inexplicable way the road keeps bringing them back to the same, scary tunnel, and even the otherworldly screeches on the only tuneable radio station – but it’s paced and edited so superbly that you’re too busy enjoying the literal ride-along.

Honestly, what would you do if you were driving along a dark, eerie rural road and the rules of of physics and cartography just went out the window? And with a finite amount of petrol in the tank, it’s unnerving enough to feel like you’re being stalked by some ghoulish stranger – supernatural or otherwise..

I genuinely thought I’d loathe it once I saw the interminable opening text trying on the old “this was stuff we found at the scene of all these dead kids” (spoiler alert, moviemakers). But the fact that this well-acted, well-directed hair-raiser was an expansion of a Creepypasta lends it a carload of delightfully sinister credence.

Note: The first in a series of four, I’ve yet to track down a director’s name, but that’s because (in true Creepypasta style), it was presented as actual footage of a crime.