31 Days of Hallowe’en 2017, Day 23: The Moonlight Man [2016] and The Moonlight Man 2 [2017]


I can’t begrudge a short horror filmmaker the chance to create a franchised villain, and The Moonlight Man sounds exactly like the kind of ghoul that’s always existed, lurking in car parks, looking all creepy, waiting for the chance for his inevitable pounce.

You can definitely see the jump in technical quality and Danny Donahue‘s direction from the first to its sequel, (which is always a fun type of progress to follow), but these are both too short and too single-note to have any lasting impression.

The creature’s striking design, cutting a spine-chilling, spindly silhouette in its thumbnail, is marred upon reveal, looking less Babadook and more hobo Invisible Man. Perhaps it’s a budget thing or a not-wanting-to-be-sued thing. That said, I would, however, be happy to stick both of these on a short horror playlist for a Hallowe’en party.

Score: 🎃🎃