365 Days of Horror, Days 71-78


So I let posting lag again, but I did watch a bunch of stuff!

But I missed two (I swear just the one, but whatever) days. Perhaps if it gets to 5, I’ll stop the whole thing. I’ve also ben rid of Facebook for the last couple of weeks, so my readership is probably nil at this point. Oh well.

Day 71: I Know I Watched Something, But I Didn’t Make a Note, and YouTube History Won’t Tell Me What It Was, So Fuck It

Day 72: Tik Tak (short) (2015)

Creepy time loops are more terrifying if you experience them, but hard to convey with if you’ve seen it all before. Simple and gracefully-shot, and without the mar of a cheap jump-scare.

Day 73: The Backwater Gospel (short) (2011)

Spindly, pop-up-book-style animated horror isĀ always incredibly striking, and The Backwater Gospel is no exception. Throw in some bitingly witty commentary on religion as social manipulation and you’ve got a winning short. Whispers of a potential feature abound, but a commenter on YouTube echoed everyone’s thoughts when he implored TellTale Games to get involved. Incredibly talented lot.

Day 74: Help Me (short) (2011)

Yikes. This one did a number on me, because it employed cyclical storytelling to such excellently devastating effect. Brutal, uncomfortable to watch and thoroughly unpredictable, this French short ought to be used as a cautionary PSA on the dangers of partying and over-inebriation. Sharp editing and great acting to boot.

Day 75: Cam Closer (short) (2013)

Ah, David F. Sandberg and Lotta Losten crop up in my list once more! Though not as hair-raising as their other efforts, it’s a nice little spook, but it does fall into the now-predictable jump-scare-trap at the end. As an aside, I now feel I’ve seen every room/hall in their apartment. But they really need to stop those floorboards creaking.

Day 76: Oops, Nothing; Back Where I Started on This Post