365 Days of Horror, Day 13: Dining Room or There is Nothing (short) (2008)


dining room or there is nothing

I think I might finally be desensitised, because I didn’t have quite the pants-shitting reaction to this short that others might have done. David Earle‘s one-minute short, Dining Room or There is Nothing, is irrefutably creepy, but it didn’t linger for me, and I watched it late last night. I’d been a bit drunk though (shouldn’t have been after Thursday’s events), and have since watched it twice more today, so let’s see if I end up with lucid nightmares.

A young woman with terrifyingly wide, gaping eyes stares straight at us over a dinner table, speaks in robotic tongues, then immediately face-plants into her bowl like a stop-motion-animated doll, still holding her oversized dessert spoon. The camera pans back out, then in again, and as she lifts her head once more, she robot-tongues “There. Is. Nothing.” All the while, flames consume the window behind her.

The lilting, piano lullaby-type music plus its eerie distortions add an undercurrent of “WTF” to this short affair (in fact, the tune’s pretty catchy), but the strange dubsteppy voice coming out of her mouth makes it seem a bit too much like something from a Rowntrees advert, and takes away much of the creepiness it could have had. Dare you to watch it before bed, though.