365 Days of Horror, Day 8: Do You Believe in The Devil? (short) (2012)



What would you do if you were literally given a second chance at life, but you’d have to kill to do it? This and many more clichĂ©d quandaries are discussed/glossed over (disglossed? I’m coining that) in the pretentiously-named Do You Believe in the Devil?

do you believe in the devil 2012 short film

An unnamed barfly is barfing in the toilets of some crappy bar. Via oh-so-helpful narration, he dies and is immediately told (by the adult personification of a childhood friend) that he will go straight to hell without collecting $200 unless he murderers a bunch of people.

do you believe in the devil 2012 short film


On paper, this would have looked like an intriguing short, but the shallow plot, plain dialogue, weird, stilted direction and godawful, forced acting drag it down to almost amateur-looking territory.