31 Days of Hallowe’en 2019, Day 10: Endzeit [2018]


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Just when you thought the zombie sub-genre was rotting in the water, along comes an intrepid little flick to revive it.

That would be Endzeit, helmed by Carolina HellsgĂ„rd and hailing all the way from Germany. Ignore any posters (including the one at the top of this post) that fool you into thinking it’s some kind of spunky Zombieland-esque comedy – this disquietingly quiet film is nuanced through slow-burn world-building and rounded, flawed – and sometimes maddening – characters.

Of which, we really mostly get the two: Eva (Maja Lehrer), the hard-nosed survivor getting the weaker ones in line to fix fences and green their thumbs; and Vivi (Swantje Kohlhof), the maudlin, meek waif who has the same terrified reaction we all would to a zombie attack. Each of the girls has an objective: Eva to get to the next city and Vivi to find her sister, but the two must cooperate and find a common wavelength to help each other survive.

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