Horror Channel FrightFest 2017 Round-up


Disclaimer: I only made it to Thursday, Friday and Monday of Horror Channel’s eminent festival of screams. But holy hell, do they know how to pack in those pictures (and the after-boozing, hence posting this late).

leatherface world premiere london frightfest

free masks at the Leatherface premiere! moonshine contraband, photographer’s own.

For those not in the know, FrightFest – now in its 18th year – is a five-day horror movie festival chock full of world and european premieres, sneak-peeks, short films and guests galore. Think of it as Cannes with chainsaws (and not just me).

There was a lot to see, a lot to drink, and I even had enough beer in me to drum up the nerves to pipe up during one of the many post-film Q&As.

Here’s what I saw!

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random review: It Stains the Sands Red (2017)


Firstly, the title absolutely does not fit the movie’s tone. It would be better suited to a chilling biopic of a ruthless Saudi oil baron or a Korean revenge thriller rather than a small horror with a small cast, all of whom are trashier than the film’s lone zombie. Secondly, I kinda don’t care, because the ‘It’ in It Stains the Sands Red is actually referring to the main character’s period. And I call ‘disgustingly brilliant’ on that.

it stains the sands red 2017 horror movie

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