31 Days of Hallowe’en 2022, Day 1: Hatching [2022]


Another year, another 31 Days of Halloween. My 9th! And I still never know how to start these engagingly enough. Which is fine; I’ll let the films speak for themselves.

This year kicked off with Finnish fable Hatching [Pahanhautoja], directed by Hanna Bergholm and written by Ilja Rautsi. Siiri Solalinna stars as Tinja, a 12-year-old whose entire life revolves around gymnastics, which she seems to enjoy but is definitely pushed by her mother (Sophia Heikkil√§), whose self-importance is so inflated that she literally makes a living from documenting her everyday experiences with her typical, perfect, Finnish family. Rounding up the family is her pleasantly distant father (Jani Volanen) and mildly irritating brother Matias (Oiva Ollila), who appears, interestingly, like he’s a clone of his father sometimes due to his matching clothing and spectacles.

After an opening sequence in which a crow is dispatched from the house (but not after accidentally fucking up everything in that picture-perfect living room), Tinja finds an small egg in the woods beside that same crow, which had flown back in its injured state. Tinja puts the poor bird out of the misery her own mother had already caused it, then hides the egg under a pillow on her bed – but it’s not long before it starts to hatch…

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