31 Days of Hallowe’en, Day 26: Kaboom (2010)


This is embarrassing, because I genuinely, for some idiotic reason, thought that Gregg Araki was the guy from Heroes. Fucking Greg Gundberg. I’ve seen Nowhere! And I loved it! I so adored how horrifying it was that I patently refuse ever to see it again.

source: imdb.com

source: imdb.com

Kaboom is an attempt at more of the colourfully trashy same, featuring a crowd of young, attractive, laconic hipster college students sexually experimenting with each other with little regard for feelings or consequences. Smith (Thomas Dekker) and Stella (Haley Bennett) start having a series of odd dreams after one-off dates with people with red hair or who are called Thor. The story is mostly vignettes of how pretentiously tedious their romantic encounters can get, before there’s some climax with a trio of masked weirdos who may or may not be witches.

I stuck with this one on Shudder because the two mains are genuinely compelling with some fantastic chemistry, but it’s more of a prettily-shot dark comedy with sci-fi elements than any kind of horror.Honestly, the supernatural element feels like an afterthought, and it’s a bit insulting. Shame on you, Shudder.