31 Days of Hallowe’en 2017, Day 7: Let Us Prey [2014]


source: Horror Freak News

I’m not quite sure what this film wanted to be. An Irish/Scottish co-production, the heavily-stylised shots of flying ravens majestically flapping their wings in slow-mo to a chugging ’90s metal backing track gave off the air of a movie that’s already trying to hard to be American.

let us prey horror movie pollyanna mcintosh

Pollyanna McIntosh is implausible as a rookie cop (Heggie) assigned to a remote village in the Highlands of Scotland. On her way to the station, she arrests a kid called Caesar (Brian Vernel)  for hitting a pedestrian with his car, but the victim (Liam Cunningham) appears to have vanished. Her commanding officer MacReady (Douglas Russell) introduces himself and books Caesar with a spectacular testicle punch that causes him to puke on Heggie’s shoes. No sooner does Heggie clean the chunks off her boots with the station’s surprisingly present shoe-buffer does said victim turn up. Unsurprisingly, things get weirder from here.

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