31 Days of Hallowe’en, 2021, Day 11: Lucky [2020]


Horror-thon’s Day 11 was Lucky, a film written by and starring Brea Grant, who has been in two other movies I’ve seen (12 Hour Shift and the bit-better After Midnight).

Lucky (2020) - IMDb
source: imdb

This film clearly wants to say a lot about everyday misogyny, gaslighting, and maddeningly infuriating treatment of women (telling us to calm down, blaming us for our attacks) – things I wish were being screamed about every fucking damn day. But this film does nothing but say it; it’s a handful of heavy-handed musings that just repeatedly hit you over the head with all the subtlety of the hammer the main character picks as a weapon. It doesn’t feel like a real film on top of it.

Which unfortunately means that this film is just preaching to the choir (those of us who are living in fear of it). It’s fodder for unimaginative wankers who just go ‘hurr durr woke feminist’ and doesn’t bring anything new to the discussion. It’s a shitpost – but a decent one – that is posted in a feminist facebook group and never leaves.

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