365 Days of Horror, Day 38: Hambuster (short) (2011)


hambuster short 2011

Any short that starts out with a hamburger growing teeth and then killing a baby by eating it is going to be unpredictable. Rules straight out the window. Better yet – it was animated. And almost Pixar-like in its lighting and colour palette. And made entirely by students!

Hambuster goes a little OTT at times, but the visuals tell the tale (no dialogue at all), and they are utterly spectacular, gruesome, hilarious and eye-popping (literally – onto a hot grill). The ridiculous plot escalates rapidly from a single burger devouring a small child to a diner exploding in blood from ripped-apart zombie-humans with burgers for heads. It’s got a bit of an anti-climactic, fake-movie-trailer feel ending, but given that there’s no explanation for the scenario, and that the super-short short is non-stop action, I guess it makes sense to end it in a non-ending way.

So next time you’re eating your lunch, imagine what would happen if your lunch started eating you?