31 Days of Horror 2019, Day 1: Murder Party [2007]



Hallo to the 6th year running of my little horrorthon! It’s close to 2am on technically the morning of the 2nd of October here in the UK, and I’ve been up since 4 am the previous day whence I did far more than 10,000 steps while shopping and catching up with a transatlantic friend who had a layover in London, so none of this entry will be readable.

But onto movie number 1 of the month of all things spooky!

A relic from the era of WAP internet on impossibly small flip phones, Murder Party [2007] is a fun throwback to millenium-era splatter and making the most of truly indie filmmaking production values. Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier, who would later go on to make the excellent Green Room, and starring the now-prolific writer-director-actor Macon Blair, this is a small movie, set in mostly one location, but efficiently paced amid buckets of inventive splatter and actual-laugh-out-loud humour.

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