365 Days of Horror, Day 15: Channel Zero: No-End House [2×03]



While much of Channel Zero is about inserting the stabby-stabby where you least expect it, the season’s third episode was more about building that dread. Packed full of insidious, unnerving moments, it was a different kind of creepiness that got under my skin and never quite left.

More of the No-End’s house is built, but more questions are raised than answered (the latter: none). Despite this, it hasn’t ventured into meandering filler territory yet; much like the house itself, it plays trick after trick with your mind, until it’s a consigned puddle of goo.

And you’ll never trust your family again.

Score: 🎃🎃🎃


365 Days of Horror, Day 7: Channel Zero: No-End House [2×01]

channel zero no-end house syfy

source: tvseriesfinale.com

I have waited for this. I was so excited. And the first episode of SyFy’s blindingly brilliant horror anthology series Channel Zero did not disappoint.

No-End House is the only Creepypasta I’ve ever read – I’ve not even read the famous ones like Slenderman or Jeff the Killer – but, much like Candle Cove before it, this expands on the source material in a faithful way, while reaching new heights of trippy, creepy production design.

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