i made a covfefe of all the covfefe covfefes i could covfefe


what an unqualified buffoon-child.



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source: reddit

source: reddit

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My own lil contribution #covfefe

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Tangerine Nightmare: Favourite Drumpf memes


Well, you did it, America. You elected an inexperienced populist spouting divisive, hateful rhetoric, a happily-admitting paedophile, a potato sack of farts. And, much like Brexit before it, I’m seeing Facebook posts from people who cannot believe that half their own country could be so stupid, misinformed, wilfully ignorant, foolish suckers to downright lies. I guess that sort of thing is catching.

Some eloquent spark noted that at least some good art will come of this pain. I’d like to think this includes some dank memes.  Here are a few of my favourites so far:

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The Best of the “GOP 2016 Slogans” Twitter Trend


(or at least the ones I found in a few minutes of scrolling). I chose to grey-out the names of people who weren’t celebrities (such as the amazing Hari Kondabolu – thanks, Tumblr). Each one is from someone completely different.

Also: GOP is a funny word. It reminds me of the yoghurt drink Yop, which seemed delicious in my naive, uneducated childhood, but which I now realize was disgusting and extremely bad for you. It was also very white, but that had nothing to do with it.