31 Days of Hallowe’en 2022, Day 12: The Deeper You Dig [2019]


I’d been intrigued by this one since I saw the moody, black-and-white-looking trailer back in 2019, and I think what I expected was what I got: a sombre, semi-surreal drama with horror elements, albeit severely restricted by budget limitations (though not to poor effect).

It’s apt that The Deeper You Dig is about family because, behind the scenes, it appears to be a truly family affair: written by wife-and-husband team Toby Poser and John Adams, and co-directed with their daughter Zelda Adams, the three also co-star as a mother-daughter household and a stranger who lives down the road. The photography, sound editing, score and pretty much everything other than visual effects.

The story concerns Echo (Zelda Adams) who lives with her tarot reader mother Ivy (Poser). Events unfold that include the actions of a neighbour/stranger Kurt (John Adams), with the supernatural playing a part (though no spoilers).

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