31 Days of Hallowe’en 2017, Day 2: The Vault [2017]


source: empireonline.com

On 4 hours’ sleep, I deliberately chose a movie I thought would be impossible to sleep through. I went off the premise of The Vault: two estranged sisters with a sympathetic reason for turning to a life of crime end up robbing a bank assistant-managed by an everyman-mustachioed James Franco. !But! Down in the titular vault, where over $6 million lies, there are some spooky goings-on. We’ve seen this anti-hero set-up before, with last year’s Don’t Breathe. Surely this would be just as decent?

This was two hours of my evening I might have directed towards a better film. I say ‘two hours’, but I frequently had to skip back a few minutes to catch what I missed during half-sleep drifts. The movie was 91 minutes.

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