31 Days of Hallowe’en 2020, Day 18: Spree [2020]

Spree (2020) - IMDb

I am painfully haunted by this kid’s lanky, greasy, awful hair, so it’s no surprise that he’s pretty much characterised as an entitled, overly confident incel who would probably be a neckbeard if he could grow one.

It’s a shame that Spree was widely panned because I didn’t expect anything deep from it, and yet its perceived shallowness is exactly the commentary it intends as a dig at our relationship with the fickle jerk that is social media. The plot concerns a young rideshare driver Kurt (an impossibly greasy-fringed Joe Keery) who is struggling to get followers for his livestreams, until he hatches a plan to boost his subscriber count.

The less I give away the better – the ride (sorry) is much more fun this way. It’s got a decent pace, some fun cameos, and some fairly unpredictable and funny moments (in particular reactions to the veracity of Kurt’s content). What makes it stand out to me though, was how it was shot – almost entirely from the perspective of livestream/youtube/instagram live etc. so I guess you could technically call this found-footage. Stick with it, and the end has a chilling jab once we realise what we’ve all been watching.

Score: 🎃🎃🎃


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