365 Days of Horror, Day 7: Channel Zero: No-End House [2×01]

channel zero no-end house syfy

source: tvseriesfinale.com

I have waited for this. I was so excited. And the first episode of SyFy’s blindingly brilliant horror anthology series Channel Zero did not disappoint.

No-End House is the only Creepypasta I’ve ever read – I’ve not even read the famous ones like Slenderman or Jeff the Killer – but, much like Candle Cove before it, this expands on the source material in a faithful way, while reaching new heights of trippy, creepy production design.

I’m convinced this is the work of people with the best kinds of overactive imagination. The first episode has the usual pilot pacing issues, piled on with some bland and/or unsympathetic characters, but on the whole it’s an enjoyable first chapter.

If you haven’t read the excellent short story, No-End House is pretty much what it sounds like: a house that, once you go past a certain point, you must go through each themed ‘room’ in order to get out. Sounds similar to most haunted house attractions with one-way foot traffic, but this is a little different. Where the story’s protagonist is an undescribed narrator who takes on the unseen ‘management”s $500 offer to complete the house, this one is a surly, broody, post-emo college kid struggling to cope with the aftermath of her father’s death. Despite her anti-social tendencies, she lets a friend take her on a group outing to said house, known in this world to be a secret/underground pop-up event. Only things take an unsettling turn when the group realises the house is too good at its elaborate and very customised set-pieces.

It’s early days so far, but I’m impressed by the imagery (both visual and aural) and floored by the pacing – it felt like it was over before it began. As for the spooks, there’s an eerie atmosphere throughout, and a well-placed jump scare got me. The story is a lot to live up to – especially its kicker of an ending – so let’s hope it keeps up the dread. But I’m still asking: Why isn’t everybody watching this show??

Oh, yeah. It’s on SyFy.

Score: 🎃🎃🎃🎃


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